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It was Saturday, January 31st. All I wanted him to do was help me load a heavy chair from my garage into a borrowed truck. Simple. I was 45; he had just turned 29. The following Friday we decided to get married and did so three weeks later, exactly four weeks after that fateful Saturday when my life changed forever.

On February 28, 2013, we celebrated our 26th anniversary. He still thinks I’m eye candy and I still think he’s the sexiest, most wonderful man in the world.

I know exactly what I did to go from twice-divorced and miserable to meeting the man of my dreams in a few short weeks. What I did is the subject of this blog and my book, “Ten Weeks to Love.”


Solving the NFL Problem, One Player at a Time

Jax 1YO PJsYes, the culture of the NFL needs a douching (I can say that—I’m a woman). But while everyone is talking about change at the top, let’s look at what can be done to change the behavior of individual players who are out of control because that culture—or their families and friends—didn’t take them to task early on.

Grandson, Jax, just turned one year old. Both his parents are athletic and enjoy sports, so there’s a good chance Jax will, too….maybe even football. I hope that by the time he does, he is surrounded by images of sports stars who set a good example off the field as well as on.

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Joan Rivers RIP

Tanii with Braces240In 1977, I got hired to play a small part in Joan River’s movie, Rabbit Test. Most actors worry about ending up on the cutting room floor (showbiz-speak that means you may get paid for acting, but your part might get cut out of the movie before it hits theaters).

Me in 1976. Joan loved the braces so I got the part! I was 34 at the time, working for KABC-TV. Everyone thought I was brave for wearing metal in my mouth at a TV studio where image is everything!

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“Workable” is not the same as “working at!”

IMG_0635I know it doesn’t sound very romantic to say that your most personal relationship is workable. But when I hear people say that it takes “work” to keep a relationship going–as if it’s a constant struggle without which it would fall apart–I must comment.

It was Christmas Eve 2011. We found this little guy—abandoned, cold and starving—on the hill behind our house. We took him in, fed him and got him physically well. He bonded with me and bit everybody else, finally giving Charley a deep puncture wound on his hand. Some relationships–despite our investment of time, effort and desire–just don’t work out because they weren’t workable to begin with.

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Valentine’s Day—Again!

taniicharley_1I think there must be something inherently wrong about being a love and relationship expert and not writing a blog on Valentine’s Day! So before I get an angry email, here goes!

On Valentine’s Day 1987—two weeks before our wedding—I gave Charley a beautiful bouquet along with several large balloons, each with words of love emblazoned on it.

Charley and me on a cruise ship about 12 years ago. Not one of those 10-story hotels on the water, but a lovely and sleek ship reminiscent of bygone days.

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More Links!

Rori RayeMarla MillerI’d like to introduce you to these lovely ladies who are helping others bring love into their lives: Rori Raye and Marla Miller. I had the good fortune to meet both these women–one by phone, the other in person–and so happy I did!

Rori and Marla are both beautiful, intelligent and passionate, and I love supporting them in their efforts to help others.

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