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What I learned from horses, cats and dogs about love! Partnerships that work! #horselovers #RelationshipGoals

Relationships, Connections, and Communication

When my son Josh was a year old (he’s now 45), I was working on a Saturday so I had my mother babysit. The “plan” was for me to pick him up at 3pm from her house later that day, all of which I explained to Josh before I left for work.

(Even then, I believed strongly that it was important to communicate with Josh as I would an adult; he might not understand the words, but I knew from prior experience, that he definitely understood the intention and concepts.)

Pearl and Lorelei (two/four), Josh’s youngest daughters. It was a huge compliment when he said that he had remembered the principles on which I raised him, and that he was raising his girls in similar fashion! He has always talked to them with the same respect that he afforded an adult. With each passing year (they’re now 10 and 12), they grow more lovely in spirit and intelligence—and with more confidence—which I attribute largely to the quality of communication with which they are being raised.


As the day went on, it was clear that I was not going to make it back to pick him up at 3, so at 3:30 I found a pay phone (are there any still left in the world??) and called Mom to find out how Josh was doing. She told me that he had been fine up until 3, after which he started fussing. No, he wasn’t hungry or wet or tired, just fussy. I told her to tell him that I called, that I apologized for not getting there at 3pm, but that I’d be there by 4.

When I finally got there, I asked Mom how he had been since that call. She told me that after relaying my message, he stopped fussing and went back to his happy self!

Even before Josh was born, I communicated with him, assuming him to be a sentient being capable of  understanding my meaning and intention, if not the words. I spoke with him with the same respect I wanted from my communications with others. I have never been disappointed by taking that approach. Never.

Tanii’s Relationship Best Practice: Never underestimate the value and power of communication. It is like magic and applies to ALL relationships between individuals, animals, and plants–and even inanimate objects like that old car you call Bessie!

Stay tuned for more stories and Relationship Best Practices! And in the meantime…..

Yours in love!




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