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I Didn’t Kill Them! Yay!


In some circles I’m known as the plant killer. I’ve been given—or purchased—plants of various types all my life. I love plants, which is why it’s been so shameful and devastating when they don’t survive cohabitation. What is frustrating is that I think I’m doing right by them, a notion which is sadly disabused when the leaves start turning yellow and going limp (a sure sign that I’m overwatering them).



(The only consistent exception is philodendron.  I’ve not been able to kill them no matter what I do, which is why you will see many of them at my home.)

Therefore, it is with great pride that I tell you that those lovely orchid plants that I was given about a year ago are not only still here, but all four of them are blooming again?!! OMG! I am so stoked!



My beautiful orchids, thriving in my spa room!



Perhaps this is a reminder that in life, even in the face of prior losses and failures, it is still possible that with intention and persistence, one can overcome failure and enjoy success. Sometimes it takes effort. After all, you have to figure out what steps led to failure (or in this case, dying), so that you can learn to take steps that will lead to success. And that takes a commitment to the process. But it is possible to succeed!

I read a lot on how to take care of my dear little orchids (frankly, at one point, I gave some away because I knew in my care they’d probably die). But my desire to succeed urged me on. So to see my current plants blooming again is my reward.

It was the same with overcoming prior relationship failures. My determination to figure things out, prompted me to take a journey 28+ years ago that led to a successful marriage to a most amazing man who is as much a part of my life as my heart.

Don’t give up!


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