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What I learned from horses, cats and dogs about love! Partnerships that work! #horselovers #RelationshipGoals


Mother Love and Me!

On Tuesday, February 10th, I had the great pleasure of being a guest on the popular LA Talk Radio “Mother Love Show,” hosted by well-known radio and TV personality, Jo Anne Hart, aka Mother Love (,+2015&file=021015, beginning at 63:20). Oh m’gosh, what a fun time we both had! And what a terrific opportunity for the two of us to talk about all things love!

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Mother Love is the real deal. Married for 43 years to her fine-looking and wonderful husband, Kennedy Rogers, she’s lived a full life, I suspect talking up a storm all the way! Full of energy, passion, humor and commitment to inspiring people to aspire to greater heights, she tells it like she sees it! Which is so refreshing!

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Rori RayeMarla MillerI’d like to introduce you to these lovely ladies who are helping others bring love into their lives: Rori Raye and Marla Miller. I had the good fortune to meet both these women–one by phone, the other in person–and so happy I did!

Rori and Marla are both beautiful, intelligent and passionate, and I love supporting them in their efforts to help others.

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