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Mother Love and Me!

On Tuesday, February 10th, I had the great pleasure of being a guest on the popular LA Talk Radio “Mother Love Show,” hosted by well-known radio and TV personality, Jo Anne Hart, aka Mother Love (,+2015&file=021015, beginning at 63:20). Oh m’gosh, what a fun time we both had! And what a terrific opportunity for the two of us to talk about all things love!

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Mother Love is the real deal. Married for 43 years to her fine-looking and wonderful husband, Kennedy Rogers, she’s lived a full life, I suspect talking up a storm all the way! Full of energy, passion, humor and commitment to inspiring people to aspire to greater heights, she tells it like she sees it! Which is so refreshing!

We had a chance to talk about Valentine’s Day (and what single people can do to keep from feeling down about being single on a traditionally couples day); about Viagra and other ads for meds (and all the warnings about side-effects that have to make you wonder why people take them??); and about some reality TV shows (“Whose reality is that anyway?” asked Mother Love).

We talked about kids and manners (you do not want to be on an airplane with this woman if you have noisy, bratty kids!); about how to keep love alive in long-term relationships; and about how to start the process of recovering from a relationship loss.

In fact, we were so engaged in conversation, we didn’t realize that we had gone over the show’s allotted time slot and had to be verbally dragged off the air! Or as they used to say when some vaudeville act went on too long, “Get the hook!”

While still on-air, Mother Love invited me back—always a nice compliment. But the love-fest didn’t stop when we were off the air, as we hugged and laughed, talked and hugged some more….and she asked me if I’d like to be a regular guest on a monthly basis! Wow!

photo48If nothing else had come from this experience beyond meeting this wonderful, adorable and outspoken woman,it would have been worth the experience. That we could, together, inspire others to not give up hope of finding healthy, loving relationships, made it a perfect afternoon!





Mother Love and me—talking, laughing, hugging! Helping others learn how to love themselves and feel hopeful about finding—and maintaining—healthy, loving relationships.


I’ve posted my interview on my Media tab. To hear more from Mother Love, check her out and follow her at:


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